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Malaya and the Sock Monkeys

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The Cast of Malaya and the Sock Monkeys
resting between photo shoots.

From Left to Right: Andy, Lulu, Wane, Malaya,
Cherry, Bo Bo the Bush Boy and Coco

Andy the Sock MonkeyFrom the moment Andy was born in the art room at summer camp, the children fought over who would get to name him. And who would blame them? With his cute button eyes, long eyelashes, and stylish striped pants, who could resist? After much wrestling, one girl finally stood victoriously holding the newly made sock monkey over her head saying, "I dub thee Andy!" Andy is a heartthrob and a hero. He has a quick mind and a way with the ladies. But don't cross him, fellas. He's also got quite a temper, which only comes out when he witnesses something wrong done to his friends and loved ones.

Lulu the Sock MonkeyLulu is the oldest sock monkey among the bunch. She lived on a farm and was a gift from an old friend. She carries herself with elegance and grace befitting a lady with as much experience as she has had. Whenever any of the sock monkeys need advice or a shoulder to cry on, Lulu is there to comfort and impart words of wisdom. Lulu's classic style earns her the honor of being the most photographed sock monkey in the whole book, and the coveted cover and back cover photos. The sock monkeys have much to learn from Lulu.

Wane the Sock MonkeyWane was born one summer night while the moon was waning. He is the goofiest sock monkey of all, often sticking his head in places he probably shouldn't be in. All he cares about is that he gets a laugh out of it, which he does most of the time. He enjoys watching Mel Brooks movies and considers comedian Marty Feldman his all time favorite actor.

MalayaMalaya is very devoted to her sock monkeys. During the day she brings them jelly beans and at night before she goes to sleep, she makes sure all the sock monkeys are tucked in perfectly under the blankets. Just like the sock monkeys, Malaya is mischievous and loves to climb trees. Unlike the sock monkeys, Malaya enjoys splashing in the water.

Cherry the Sock MonkeyCherry is rock royalty. Some say she resembles a young Tina Turner, others say her dad is Mick Jagger. Cherry just tosses her long lustrous locks off her shoulders and bats her almond eyes. She doesn't pay much attention to the papparazzi. "I know who I am, and I'm proud of it. I was born in the art room at a New England summer camp for elite girls. That's all I have to say."

Bo Bo the Bush BoyBo Bo the Bush Boy is not a sock monkey. Unlike sock monkeys, which are made of at least a pair of socks, Bo Bo is made up of only one sock. Maybe this is why he's kind of a loner. Sure, he's got some fabric scraps and big googly eyes, but none of it can fill the void of the missing "other" sock. Feared by children from the moment he was born in the art room at summer camp, Bo Bo is often misunderstood.

Coco the Sock MonkeyCoco is a very happy sock monkey. He likes to do cartwheels and hang from his tail upside down. He wears big baggy overalls that allow him to move his body anytime he has the urge to, which is often. Coco is always up for any fun activity. Just ask him to go with you on an errand or a trip, and he'll point to his overalls and say, "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Coco was a gift from a dear friend, and he has a lot of stories to tell about the places he's been before he came to live with Malaya and the rest of the sock monkeys.

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